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Violation of traffic laws is bound to attract punishment. The severity of punishment depends on the nature of the violated law. Usually, a traffic ticket is issued. It is granted for a parking violation and moving violation.

A ticket for a parking violation is issued when you park your vehicle in a restricted area or in an unauthorized manner. A moving violation occurs when your car is in motion — speeding above the given limit, passing the red light, driving when drunk- violates traffic laws.

Getting fined for a violation of traffic rules can be annoying. Imagine getting fined for parking in the forbidden area when you are already late for work. Wouldn’t you want to spend your time visiting the court for this?

Steps to Pay NJMCdirect Traffic Ticket Online

  • Visit the New Official NJMC website at “”.
  • It is common for people to break the rules in this hectic lifestyle. It is unintentional most of the time, but we still have to pay the penalty.
  • The penalized amount is supposed to be paid before the due date. Delaying the payment would lead you into more trouble.
  • You might get busy with all your work or, for some reason, may not be able to visit the court to pay the penalty.
  • Using NMJCdirect, you can deal with this problem. Njmcdirect Payment portal allows you to pay the fine online instead of visiting the court, which is a real time saver.
  • You can solve your ticket payment issue by just accessing this site. You can pay during a particular time provided by the website since the payment service is unavailable for 24 hours.
  • Paying for traffic violations using NMJCdirect is safe and secure. All you need is your traffic ticket and your visa or master card. Since this is an online service, you must pay a convenience fee.
  • You can visit the NMJCdirect official site for further details.

NJMCdirect Portal Features

  • Njmcdirect is the best payment portal for any NJ vehicle owner and driver.
  • You may have to face court if the payment is not made before the due date.
  • As mentioned earlier, you had to visit the court for ticket payment. But now, NMJCdirect has made your task easier, quicker, and safer.
  • Many sources allow you to pay penalties online. However, all these sources do not guarantee secure payment processing.
  • Instead, you can use NMJCdirect, which encrypts data preventing any security issues.

Many people use NMJCdirect as a platform to pay their fines. Using this saves a lot of time and effort and is safe.

Find NJ Traffic Ticket Number

NJ Ticket Lookup, also known as Municipal Court Case Search, can assist you in finding your NJ traffic ticket. No matter how you misplaced your NJ ticket, you find your details online at the NJ Municipal Courts website.

Users need one of the following information to retrieve NJ Traffic ticket numbers.

  • Your New Jersey or other valid driving license number is the easiest way to find your ticket number.
  • Ticket Number: Find violations like overspeeding, wrong parking, or drunk driving.
Pay NJMCdirect Traffic Ticket online

Steps to Find your NJ Ticket

  • Go to the Official NJ Ticket Lookup website.
  • Click the “Search” button on the site’s Navigation bar.
  • Choose one of the following options, “Ticket Number, Name, Driving License or Complaint number”.
  • Enter information about your previous choice. If you choose Driving License, enter your DL number.
  • Use your DL to get NJ ticket information. Enter the captcha and click “Search”.

I hope you found your ticket details. Once you have the necessary information, go to official and make a traffic ticket payment online.

For any queries, drop a comment.

NJMCdirect(New Jersey Municipal Court) has been introduced to overcome this problem.

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