MyBKExperience Survey

First time learning about the MyBKExperience Survey? BK refers to Burger King and is a survey we can participate in to reward ourselves with a free meal. The meal can be anywhere from a Croissan’Wich to a Chicken Whopper. And the best part is that we can perform the survey an unlimited number of times.   

All we need is a receipt, 5 minutes, and voila! We get a free sandwich! Let’s see the detailed process and requirements below:

MyBKExperience Survey

Burger King put up the MyBKExperience survey to acknowledge their valuable customers’ genuine opinions and reviews. 

The food giant prefers knowing the satisfaction rate its customers have to offer and welcomes constructive criticism to improve the quality of its services. 

The online survey is accessible around the clock and takes no more than five to six minutes. 

We can fill out the survey on their website and receive a coupon that gets us a free meal. We can redeem it at our nearby Burger King restaurant that we last visited. 

Burger King offers rewards for filling out their survey and giving feedback. Once we’re done with the survey, we will receive a validation code. We can redeem our prize at the respective restaurant using that validation code. The meals included in the survey reward are as follows:

  • Free Vegetable or Chicken Whopper
  • Crossan’s Wich
  • Original Chicken Sandwich
  • Whopper Sandwich 

Remember that we can only redeem our coupon code at the restaurant we obtained our receipt. The validation code might not work at any other Burger King food chain.  


Before entering the MyBKExperience survey program, we need to be well-equipped with its rules and regulations. These are as follows:

  • We need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in the survey program. 
  • One receipt corresponds to one entry only. 
  • Depending on the free meal, we can avail of it anywhere between 2-30 days after performing the survey. 
  • We are ineligible to participate if we work at Burger King or are closely related to an employee of the restaurant. 
  • We must have US citizenship. 
  • The Burger King receipt must be genuine. 
  • We can avail of the coupon as many times as we want; there’s no limit to it. 

The requirements we need to fulfill to be able to participate in Burger King Survey are as follows: 

  • We must have a smart device with a sound internet connection. 
  • The entire process will require no more than four to five minutes and is strictly online. 
  • We must have a solid grasp of English, French, or Spanish. 
  • A purchase at Burger King is the prerequisite for participating in the survey. 
  • We must use a reliable browser like Google Chrome, Safari, etc. 
  • When redeeming the coupon, make sure to have the survey code noted somewhere. 
  • While using the coupon code to get the meal, we must have our previous Burger King receipt.

Participate in MyBKExperience Online Survey

Since we’re now familiar with the rules and regulations we need to follow for the MyBKExperience survey, let’s see how we can get a free sandwich as below:

  • Keep the latest receipt from Burger King within reach while performing the survey. 
  • On the laptop or any other device, visit Burger King’s website
  • Choose the desired language on the website from English (default), Spanish or French. We can change the language at any given time by clicking the language name on the page. 
  • Now, enter the restaurant number printed on the top of the receipt and click Next. 
  • On the next screen, enter the 21-digit survey code found at the bottom of the receipt. 
  • Press Start to begin the survey. 
  • Enter honest feedback about the restaurant and answer a questionnaire on the prompted screen. 
  • Once done, we will be asked to rank the satisfaction level with the team at Burger King. We can rate anywhere from highly satisfied to highly disappointed, depending on our experience. 
  • Enter credentials, including name, number, residence, etc. 
  • Upon submitting the survey, Burger King will send us a validation code that we will need to redeem to avail of the reward.

Burger King Survey Questionnaire

Once we’re done performing the survey, we will see a questionnaire on the website. The questionnaire consists of questions regarding the food and restaurant, like: 

  • Quality of the meal
  • The ambiance of the restaurant
  • Taste of the meal
  • Time is taken to prepare and deliver the food
  • Cost of the food 
  • Cooperation and expertise of the staff 

What does MyBKExperience Survey mean?

MyBKExperience is a survey that Burger King customers perform to give the restaurant feedback to improve its services based on their latest experience. 

In return for submitting feedback, Burger King offers a free meal through a coupon that can be redeemed at the nearest food chain.

What does the Burger King free meal consist of?

The Burger King survey reward consists of a Free Crossian’s Wich, a Whopper Sandwich, a Vegetable or Chicken Whopper, or an Original Chicken Sandwich. As of now, the Chicken and Whopper Sandwich are pretty much on the rise. 

How can I register For the survey?

Go to Burger King’s Survey website and enter the restaurant number from your previous Burger King order receipt. 

Next, type the survey code given and input our honest review. We will be asked to enter some personal information that we may or may not add. 

How will I get the coupon code?

Once we’re done filling out the survey and all, a validation code will pop up on our screen from the Burger King website. We will need to write that code down and show it to the cashier at the restaurant to avail of the free meal. 

Where can I find the restaurant number and the survey code? 

The restaurant number is printed at the top center of the receipt, whereas the survey code is found at the bottom center of the receipt.  

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